This Is The Life For Me

by: Chick Rains, Wade Hayes, and Gary Nicholson

I was born in Oklahoma in 1969
My daddy played the honky tonks
Out on the county line
One night he took me with him
Through those swingin' doors
And I heard that country music
Saw that crowded dance floor
Dad made fifty dollars
And I stayed up till three
And I thought
This is the life for me

By the time I turned fourteen
I was pickin' lead guitar
Everyday I went to school
And at night I played the bars
Two or three years later
I noticed something stange
All the looks that I was gettin'
From the girls began to change
I knew right then and there
What I was gonna be
This is the life for me

This is the life
The only one I want to know
Everyday another town
And every night another show
Ever since I was a boy
I've had this crazy dream
Now I know it was meant to be
This is the life
This is the life for me

Well I tried to go to college
Just to see if I was wrong
But that ain't the kind of knowledge
That helps you write a country song
I got my education on the wild side of life
Through a cloud of smoke so thick
That you could cut it with a knife
There was no doubt about it
As far as I could see
This is the life for me


Yeah this is the life
This is the life for me

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