Everything You Need

Verse 1:
I've been coming round here now
for quite some time
And I think I got you figured out

But you don't look at me
How I look at you
You make it so hard for my love to get through
And I just know I'd make you happy if you'd only let me in
You'll never really know unless you try
I could be the girl of your dreams
And I strongly suggest you don't let me pass you by

It's a lesson in simplicity
And I've spelt it out specfically
The rest is up to you
And it seriously bothers me
That you may just not ever see
The way I feel about you

I got everything you need
And I want you to be with me
This is not some crazy fantasy
I got everything you need

Verse 2:
Take me for a ride in your big fancy car
I wanna see how fast you can go
We'll drop the roof
And we'll find the coast
and we won't stop driving till the sun sets low

And we can find a little place that serves a chilled, white wine
Somewhere we can be alone
And you can feel free, to impress me
We can play until it's time to go



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