I wanna do dumb things
I'm talking: strolling-in-the-park things Stealing kisses straddled on park swings in the daylight while the ice cream van sings little melody like
Twa da da dumDa da da da dum
I'm talking some midnight dedications of rare groove tunes,
And all across London
we're using real names too, 'cause we're not fazed by who cool, who a fool
See, I want to
everything with you, so

I Fantasize about you
said everyday
And I want to do just everything
Said Baby
Said everything
and a I I I

Now I want to run holdin' hands
See, I know that we can do this, in a field of purple grass sprayed with green and white tulips under a sky washed orange by an everlastin sunset
And you know what???
I ain't done yet
See, I want to catch a ride off some crimson- colored stallion
We can sail off in a boat made of water, straight into horizon
And we could catch a lift on a cloud
Thats silver lining's really platinum,
But you know what? (whaaaat?!)
I still ain't done yet
See, I want to- (Wooo-ooooh)
And I was thinking we could-(said whaat baaaaby)
And if you wouldn't mind a little-(Oh yeah-heyy-yeah)
And if you're ready we could always--(Oh oh oh baaaby yeah yeah)
"I Fantasize(uh huh)
about you, (said you justa)
everyday (everyday)
and I want to do just everything
(thing for ya)
Said, Baby
(thing with ya)
said everything
AndI, I, I Fantasize about you,
Said everyday & I want to do just everything Said, Baby, said everything "I Fantasize about you, everyday & I want to do just