Future Reminiscence

The mysteries of a hidden past
Precession of the planetary relations
Cosmology, a linear or circular cast?
Restitution of a genuine consciousness
Return to the haven of the first and the last

Beware, stare towards the horizon new
Sear, tear the sensation of distant propinquity

Through the secret moments I flew
As one among the very few

The everlasting zero, a glimpse of a million
The forever million, yet a ubiquitous presence
Coronate the path of the Gods, the Elder

I am a remnant of the forever origin
I am the soul of every phantom fallen
I am rising as I am falling, silent as calling

"The precise prelude of the cataclysm"
Apocalyptic visions of the future fall
The aberrant taste of the conceiving past
As a slave of the next moment of presence
The ones among the very few

Restitution - summons the sight
Emancipation - circles in presence
Renunciation - for a new era to enlighten

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