King Of Tempests

Feel the frozen souls,
weeping along the night
Blessed by tragedy,
heretics under a dark moon sky

Bewitched by a call,
a spell of grief
To mystify the black minded land,
to obtain the shadowkey

Lead by the king of tempests to fade in agony
Banish his mighty opponent, chaining destiny

Crippled hands tried to reach this shining gloom,
while daylightfall, guided by fire, bringing them tragic doom

Das Erbe der Ewigkeit, geboren in des Lebens Schoß,
birgend das Wissen der Zeit, verloren in Vergessenheit

Cold, cold are theirs hearts,
lost in skies of bitterness,
where dark angels cry
waisting away

See these hungry eyes burned out by flames of ages,
rotting lips, touched by oblivion`s kiss

Beauty weeps so sadness can dwell in eternity
And evil welcomes its victory

A devious search, a blind possession,
longing for might, a cry of desperation

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