Concrete Tomb

[based on "Untitled" by Wes Quick]

As I sit in this cage,
I think of the outside world
My life is not missed
Time continues to pass as I sit in this cell

These walls that hold me, closing in, they mock me
They laugh at my cries
They creep closer and closer till all I see, all I hear
Is the whispers that come from my concrete tomb

These walls call my name, they know me, they know all
They enfold the part of me that used to be sane,
Forever locking it away
That part of me is now dead,
Locked away in its own concrete tom
But still I live, waiting for my day

My day to go free,
or the when all I know will end
Fate has dealt me a cruel hand
All I have is to live or to die

I cannot endure this hell any longer
I beg the walls, I plead for them to let me go
Let me go, let me out, somebody help!
My screams fall on deaf ears