Concubine Of Despise

Chloroform works good, much better than I expected
Lie there nice and still while I prepare you for my need
Unconsciously you choke, cock plunged deep inside throat
Teeth are extracted I get harder when you bleed Hands gripped to the
chair Smell of fear is in the air
Fingernails embedded, raked from the last before you
Dehumanized and beaten Cunt-lips half devoured, eaten
Vile seductions reign Propped up slumped in blood

Writhe in my descent, feel every bone crack inside of your body
I won't feel content until I see what's inside
your pain I intend Feel my insertion
Captive torment I won't extend any emotion
Sired repulsion Concubine of Despise

Peel your cunt lips open, blood and cum drip down your thighs
Depending on my mood I won't make you suffer long Try to fight to free your
Soon you'll be embalmed
I can't let you die just yet
You are my amusement
My sadistic rapture, violently entrapped, I am faithful to each scream
Inseminated cur just another breeder
Bleed to live, live to bleed

Cock in hand ideas begin to fornicate
A grimacing stare frowning down I masturbate
Acting on my impulse, gouging out your eye
A stiff cock hard and ready Shoved in nice and tightly, squirming,
fighting, twitching, masticate
Grimly deformed
Sink my shaft in
deeper I dig my tool Pupils start to dialate Mouth a gasp for air
Another hole to violate, and fill
Deep within her full of dung
Emptying out my sack
Covering her with rotted cum
Gargle up my stew
Savor down each loving chunk
Shifting in your mouth
Wire your jaw nicely shut