Defused light, expressed in discrimination of hours
And the harmony of the seasons

You are the one Who brings, yet destroys, the dark mist!
One temporary Spring meets the rain and snow
And death becomes a frozen cloud in the Sky
We are looking for the faded path of our beginning
The sun has transformed in a crematorium
That has opened it's purple vitals and burns us to ashes

The land that we locate ourselves scatters the disasters
Like an exhalation that wanders and passionately seeks
Medieval material, Skotos, Zoferos Aeon!

AgainI return from the cluster of Andromeda
Beyond the satellites in the material spirit of Persefs!
In a fire-built chariot comes the return of the Empire

Oh fire zone, I lead yet to the destruction of human stupidity!!!
Red-Black-White fictious dawn
Blue sky with white clouds,
A fire speech and then: Silence!
Oh Hyperion! You are the Last and the Major chapter

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