Thank You for

Thank you for walking
Thank you for spending one day,
with a stranger

Good morning Hello! Choose a color, carnation
we'll walk along

Down round the pond, up the hill bricks and steeples
it's not all gone I recall

Thank you for walking
Thank you for spending one day,
with a stranger

Thank you for talking
and showing the way to a stranger

Wining and dining (what a September)
from bags by the river ( I should've worn a sweater)
a sun, sail, song (it's cooler up here)

We sat on a wall (oh my)
rest our feet (just a little longer)
touch our noses

then slow poke on oh, I recall

One red carnation
the color for April
and apples
and wine

I suppose it was white but I needed the rhyme

As I packed up to leave oh, I noticed the fountain,
the statue's hand

There in her bronzed, moistened, palm
red carnation
without you there I recall

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