They always said that you would never be anything
Everything you tried to do was just a waste of time
But you believed you could do anything you wanted to
You made your mind up and you never looked behind

Don't let them try to tell you how live your life
Don't let them hold you back, don't ever change your mind

Individuality - Be proud of what you are
Individuality - Don't let them cut you down
You can be whatever you want to be,
But don't change yourself for society
Don't lose your Individuality

The years go by, you find that nothing comes easily
And the world is full of people tryin' take you down
Don't ever turn your back on anything you've ever been
You don't need to prove yourself to anybody else

There's no room for second best, no second chance, don't fail the test,
Gotta rise above the rest, gotta try to make your mark
You don't need to be so vain, no need to act so proud,
Follow the trends, don't ever stand out from the crowd

Do you really care what other people think about you?
Does it really matter what they do or what they say?
You've fought too hard to let them throw it all back in your face
When their opinion never mattered anyway

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