Songtekst van Holy Knights: Quest Of Heroes (Part 2)

Quest Of Heroes (Part 2)

Passions and villainous at court
The fellowship of the round table declined
And in the long run was destroyed

Passion now inside Camelot has destroyed the bounds,
The respect of peace and friendship
That once united all the kings;
The secret story of a princess lover has begun to show
While over the sea the evil king is coming in for the kill;

The mighty sword, the peace defender,
Must be grasped once more
But his flashing blade will be kept again by the lady of the lake;
A villainous action led to the final destruction
Like a sad tragedy the war begins flowing blood on the hills

They once told about their trips and adventures
Revelation of force bravery and honour
Brave men had fighted face to face
But no one will see a new dawn of peace

Only the chosen one will find the Holy Grail
Only misery and pain for those who fail
Only the chosen one will find the Holy Grail
No one will come back to sit at the round table

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