Fuck the world

I'm on my way to hell at the age of fifteen
I'm tryin' to wake up cuz I think it's a dream
But it's not, picture me sittin' on top
Wit' two glocks to terrorize your whole muthafuckin' block
Screamin' fuck the world, as I load in my clip
Bust five in the air to let you know I don't give a shit
I wuz tryin' to send 'em up to God to let him know I'm ready
My only purpose on this Earth to kill and make fetti
But I'm broke as fuck, so I go steal some cigarettes
One day they might kill me, but homicide's the bigga threat
What about suicide, should I take my own life?
Shoot it off in tha head or slit my throat with a knife
Is there a reason for me to try and stay alive?
I might die tonight, sorry I couldn't say goodbye
But to who? I don't have any friends and I'm feelin' lonely
Previous friends don't even take the time to phone me
So I take my time, I'm tryin' to kill my mind
Listen to this shit, cuz it could be my last rhyme
Snortin' coke wuz a way to get away but it hurt
I missed a year of my life and lost my brain in tha dirt
I stopped cuz I'm tryin' to be optimistic
But I can't cuz my life is so deranged and twisted

Fuck the world, that's all I gotta say
Fuck the world, when I wake up everyday
Fuck the world, cuz life is hard to play
Fuck the world, till God takes me away

I'm losing my mind with every breath that I take
I been cursed since birth, it must've been a mistake
Am I lost in the madness or lost in my heart?
Everything I've ever known is falling apart
Nobody loves me anyways, so I say fuck it all
I live my life with no rules because I'm an outlaw
the law can't take me, I ain't goin' back to jail
They gonna have to kill me and send me to hell
It seems to me that dyin' young may be my destiny
I can't let these weak muthafuckaz get the best of me
I'm runnin' 'round strapped wit' my muthafuckin' four-five
About to pull some shit like them boys from Columbine
Don't take it as a threat cuz I ain't planned it yet
But it might just happen when I'm high off this cess
Is it wrong? I don't see it, somebody please help me
I'm smokin' weed and drinkin', I don't think that it's healty
Put the pistol to my head, end all the pain
Shoot myself five times straight into the brain
Visions of my throat slit lyin' in a puddle of blood
I got no love, I live my life as a thug
I'm sittin' around drownin' in my muthafuckin' sorrow
I live my life day-by-day, so fuck tomorrow


This life is like a chessgame one bad move you die
All this drama in my life, I feel like I could cry
But it comes as a horendous scream, afraid of my fucking dreams
They feel so real from what it really seems
I think I have friends but they don't really know me
When I die in the end, I know that I die lonely
Fuck it cuz I'm born by myself, die by myself
Closin' this chapter put the book back on the muthafuckin' shelf
I don't even exist cuz I already died
I wuz never ever born it wuz all just a lie
I woke up in a dream of horror and bloodshed
But this is my life, I only think that I'm dead
I'm already in hell because hell is the Earth
If the Earth is hell, then hell wuz my birth


Fuck the world [Repeat-8x

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