Help me

Lil Trip, I'm insane, gonna make you feel pain
For the love of money, fuck the fame, I'm doin' my thang
Switchin' in and out of lanes, ain't nothin' changed
I'm still the same, you talkin' shit, soundin' lame
Boy you better maintain, thinkin' that it ain't no thang
Gimme your rings, gimme your chain, if you think I'm playin' bitch
You'll get your fuckin' head refrained, or detained, it's all the same
It's all the same, how many times must I sing,
About blowin' out your muthafuckin' brains
I'm on some evil, murderous shit, about to kill shit
This is real shit, how you gonna feel bitch
After I let this fuckin' steel spit
You better fear this, I'm bout to peel licks, my trigga finga itch
Gonna leave you in a ditch, for the cops to come and get
They won't find no fingerprint, Lil Trip don't leave a muthafuckin' hint
Dogs can't even track my scent, movin' thru the wind
Like them psychopathic men, givin' me intent to do it again

Can somebody help me? (I feel like I'm losin' my mind)
Can somebody help me? (My souls is so hard to find)
Can somebody help me? (I'm reachin' the end of the line)
Can somebody help me? (Before I run outta time

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