It's fucked up to think you used to be my dog, used to be my man
Now you ain't there when I need a helping hand
You little snake bitch, I shoulda known to leave your type alone
You fake muthafucka, you can't even take the time to phone
I let you get so close, in so little of time
Guess it went right past my eyes, you wuz a bitch in disguise
Always backin' down from fights, runnin' your mouth all fuckin' night
For me to come and back you up, muthafuck that, I ain't down wit' that
You come into my life then disappear like a house-rat
You said that we wuz dogs 4 life, what the fuck happened to that,
u aint bout your fuckin' word, your fake-ass flew away like a muthafuckin' bird

How the fuck didn't I see it, you wuz just a wannabe
Talkin' shit and startin' fights, then you wanna run to me
But fuck that, you can't get no r-e-s-p-e-c-t
You weak muthafucka, better stay the fuck from 'round me

So now you got a new friend, are you gonna use him?
Do the same thing to him and tell him you his best friend
I cut you in my muthafuckin' dope game, you didn't pay a damn thang
You freeloadin' bitch, gettin' free muthafuckin' green
Always actin' the shit up on the scene, "Let me sell it to 'em"
Bitch shut the fuck up, this is my dope, your lucky your bitch-ass even gets to smoke
Now I'm startin' to wonder where the fuck them missing bags went
It seems like everytime I counted the money it was laggin' ten
Goddamn, now I put two and two together, you snatched them
Then you start sellin', you can't even cut me in, you little ho
I'm glad I let your ass go, I don't need to fuck wit' you no mo'
You little snake bitch, actin' like you my muthafuckin' friend
Using my hotel-parties to fuck your stankin' hoes in
Now you just a muthafuckin' strangr when I see you
You fagget-ass-bitch, I know I wouldn't wanna be you


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